Model Based Elevator System

Image of the testing phase of the model

Project information

This group project was completed over a period of 3 weeks for the Systems and Software Engineering Principles Module.

Alongisde Engineering Mathematics and Data Analytics, this was my favourite module during my second year as it introduced me to the concept of systems engineering and systems thinking, which is a holistic approach to analysis on 'problems' as part of a wider dynamic system.

Overall some of the key outcomes I took from the module were: the importance of correct and traceable requirements on product success, safety and the environment, and understanding the synergies between systems and software engineering processes. These helped me to achieve the following from my group-project:

  • • Led a team of 6 to achieve a high First-Class mark (86%) when developing an elevator system using MATLAB, Stateflow, and systems thinking.
  • • Analysed features, created requirements, drew use cases, and validated and verified the system using SysML.
  • • Designed and copy-edited the design portfolio / group wiki that demonstrated the use of feature analysis, writing functional and non-functional requirements, creating use-cases, design and implementation, and testing.