SysElek Summer Internship

Snippet from video tutorial

Project information

This project was completed over a period of 8-weeks for the company SysElek, in the WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) Internship Program. My main objectives were to create a mobile application for their secure border-ready project and re-design and develop the SysElek website.

The secure-border ready project is a technical solution that has the potential to avoid the delays, economic inefficiency, and environmental and social impacts of the additional journeys posed by the UK’s exit of the EU. The innovation has been built upon existing component technologies including a digital lock, mobile device app, cloud-based database, and an interface to the new customs declaration systems developed by HMRC.

Considering that I had no experience in Java or Android Studio, I was proud of my quick progress in the development of the mobile application during this internship.

By week 7, I had accomplished my main objectives thanks to my thorough project planning, and therefore, was able to create a video tutorial of the mobile application (on week 8) to be presented to SysElek's clients.