Warwick Moto

Image of our electric motorcycle

Project Information

Warwick Moto is a student led project to design, build, and race a high performing electric motorcycle at national and international races.

Originally, I applied to Warwick Moto on the design and chassis team as I was keen to eplore my creativity skills and apply it to a real-world project. However, I later volunteered to switch and become a member of the PPS (Press, Partnership, and Sponsorship) Team as I was eager to improve my communication, consulting, and financial skills.

Since then, I have worked my way up to become one of the leaders the Warwick Moto team as External Relations Manager. In this role, I manage the PPS team - sharing my tips and innovative techniques in gaining new sponsors, while keeping strong bonds with the existing ones. My job also requires me to hop onto client calls to discuss our project plans and pitch to sponsors why they would be a great fit to our project. Furthermore, my leadership role is not limited to partnership building. With my background in Systems Modelling, I also oversee the Mathematical and Modelling Team to check on their progress with the different models of the bike. I also liaise with the Marketing Team and give them more background about our latest sponsors and products - this help them create graphics and captions for our social media platforms.